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  • A real, little, non-pretentious urban oasis in the middle of the city! The Relax Lounge is, indeed, relaxing — with friendly multilingual hosts, and two floors of massage chairs, including some for ... Read More
  • Wow, this is amazing. I never knew massage chairs could be life altering. I will most definitely come here from now on and I can recommend everyone to do the same. Relax Lounge is a super chill place,... Read More
  • I come to this place for almost two years. I always take the intense massage chair and i love to try the different programs. The staff is super friendly. The massage chairs are great after a workout f... Read More
  • Relax Lounge is a great alternative to a traditional massage. I’ve been going on the weekends to use the massage chairs after sitting at a desk during the week and it has really been helping to reli... Read More
  • I come here very often to just unwind, obviously. It is an easy concept: massage chairs with different settings that can mend any sore body after work or a strenuous sport activity. I can highly recom... Read More
Relax Lounge is elke dag open. Massages al vanaf €9,95!