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Relax Sessie                                                             vanaf €19,95

Cadeaukaart                                                            vanaf €20,00

De sessie duurt 20 minuten maar je kunt ook langer relaxen –
Voor elke 10 minuten extra betaal je €5,00.

Virtual Relax Videobril €2,50


Maandabonnement 1 x per week     €39,95

Maandabonnement 2 x per week     €59,95

Duo abonnementen (twee mensen op één abonnement)

Maandabonnement 1 x per week      €69,95

Maandabonnement 2 x per week      €89,95

Relax strippenkaarten

5 relax sessies      €79,95

10 relax sessies    €124,95

Gebruik van de massagestoelen wordt afgeraden bij zwangerschap en het bezit van een pacemaker.

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  • Amazing vibes, relax and friendly service, the 2 guys are always professional and available to help. After 1 session you can already feel a big difference in your body. You can choose between differen... Read More
  • Relax Lounge is my to go spot after practicing sports or if I just need to relax. The massage chairs are terrific and it’s possible to pick which massage program you prefer. Also possible to have yo... Read More
  • Wow! My colleague introduced me to this concept and I've been returning now almost every week. I really love coming to this place! It’s the perfect place for a 30mins relaxation or to get energized.... Read More
  • When I am busy all day, this relax massage experience makes my day a lot relaxing than it would be without. The two men’s who are working there make it more pleasant. There are really nice and kind.... Read More
  • This is the greatest greatest greatest idea. I went twice during my 5 days in Amsterdam. The chairs are amazing, the people running it are kind, and it feels so great to just unwind. The eye masks are... Read More
Kom lekker ontspannen in onze Lounge! Wij zijn iedere dag geopend van 9.00 tot 17.00.