Book a relax massage at Relax Lounge! Amsterdam is a busy and hectic city where people constantly feel the drive to perform. This drive to perform can drain you both mentally and physically. It is therefore important to fully relax once in a while. A relax massage from the Relax Lounge makes sure you relax, drift away and tune out to recharge your mind and body.

Relax massage

Our relax massage if for both men and woman. There is no distinction here. The relax massage works as follows. When you come to us, we agree on the duration of our treatment and we guide you to the 3D Relax Capsule. You receive a virtual relax pair of glasses and a brief explanation. You then can choose whether you want to see beautiful sceneries of nature or tropical beaches. Our employee sets up the 3D Relax Capsule and then it is time for the relax experience to begin. Due to the different preferences between men and women, we offer a wide choice of virtual experiences to suit everyone’s wishes

Benefits of a relax massage in Amsterdam

Did you know that a relax massage offers many benefits? It activates your metabolism and improves blood circulation. Do you also suffer from stress at work or at home, or stress from something else? Don’t hesitate and come by for relax massage to reduce your stress level. View the other benefits of the Relax session here.

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In these busy and hectic times, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Book a relax massage at the Relax Lounge now and take care of your metal and physical wellbeing. You can come by for a relax massage with or without an appointment. The price overview can be found here. If you want to contact us, you can contact us here.

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