Massage chair SL-A87

3.895,00 incl. VAT

The SLA87 electric massage chair is Irest’s very last model with numerous features to admire. The chair is equipped with 64 airbags for an overall pressure massage which ensures a complete body massage. In addition, the chair has five different massage methods: shiatsu, kneading, clapping, knocking and simultaneously kneading and clapping.
The massage can be manually adjusted to any desired position and program. It is a “Zero Wall System” so you gain extra space. The back of the chair automatically moves back (lying), but because the chair itself slides forward, it does not take up any space in relation to the wall.

Product information

The SL-A87 features five different massage methods: shiatsu, kneading, clapping, knocking and kneading and clapping simultaneously. Before the massage starts, the chair makes an extensive automatic scan of the body height so that the neck massage is always given in the correct position. A massage can also be manually adjusted to any desired massage shape, while also adjusting the angle of the lying position. The calf support and backrest can be raised and lowered. Furthermore, the chair is equipped with a separate control panel (can also be operated via phone / tablet).
The massage duration is 20 minutes and can be extended per 5 minutes to a maximum of
40 minutes.

Massage features

  • Neck & shoulder massage
  • Back & hip massage
  • Calf & foot massage
  • Neck & back stretch
  • Hip swing
  • Arm massage
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Footpad rollers
  • 64 Airbags
  • 8 Automatic programs
  • Back heating
  • 3D massage technique, with which it is possible to set the massage intensity
  • 2 Memory positions for personal settings

Automatic Massage Programs

  • Demo: demo for all massage functions
  • Comfort: emphasis on muscle massage and comfortable massage experience
  • Relax: emphasis on blood circulation
  • Stiffness: intensive massage with emphasis on reducing muscle tension
  • Fatigue: emphasis on more intensive deeper massage aimed at energy boost
  • Pressure massage: full airbag / air pressure massage
  • Full Air: massage only based on the airbags, gentle massage
  • Stretch: stretch of the body in combination with massage

Manually adjustable massage

  • Shoulder grip
  • Kneading
  • To knock
  • Knead and beat simultaneously
  • 3D


  • 4 for upper arm massage
  • 18 for arm massage
  • 4 for back massage
  • 4 for seat massage
  • 20 for leg massage
  • 18 for foot massage

Other settings

  • 5 Speeds
  • 5 Width settings massage hands (only for tapping and shiatsu)
  • Automatic adjustment of the leg length. The foot console can extend 23cm
Technical specifications
Power supply 220-240V
Power 200 watts
Seating position size (L x W x H) 145 x 85 x 130 cm
Lying position size (L x W x H) 220 x 85 x 92 cm
Weight 149 kg
Color Black or Champagne Gold
Delivery width 75 cm
Explanation of functions
Massagestoel-stretch Stretch function
This function, based on the chiro concept, can increase the space between the vertebrae to reduce the pressure on the nerves. This attempts to reduce muscle stiffness.
Massagestoel 3D massage 3D massage
The 3D massage mechanism has the special feature that it can follow the shape of the back and adjust the intensity to the shape of the spine.
The second advantage of this 3D mechanism is that the massage intensity is adjustable
from very relaxing to very intensive.
Massagestoel verstelbare hoofdsteun Adjustable headrest cushion design
Adjustable pillow, adaptable to the height of the person. The cushion can be removed,
making the neck directly accessible is for the massage hands for an intensive massage of the neck muscles. Especially in manual mode, this massage is very pleasant and relaxing.
Massage range
The 3D mechanism has a large massage range, so that almost the entire back is treated.
Massagestoel schoudermassage Shoulder massage
With 4 airbags on the upper arms, combined with the intelligent massage hands, aimed at the Jianliao and Naoshu points, free up the shoulders and chest. The massage movement intensively stretches the upper body.
massagestoel armmassage Arm massage
With 14 airbags on each side of the arms, the arms are fully massaged with the focus on Sanli and neu g uan points. A combination of pulse massage and pressure maintenance provide a rhythmic pulse-point massage for complete relaxation of arm, hand and fingers.
Massagestoel heuptwist Hip twist
The airbags in the back and buttocks, through the right pressure combination, provide a real twist of the hip and thus relax the hip area.
Massagestoel dijbeen airbag massage Thigh airbag massage
The airbags in the seat provide a clear thigh massage. The massage simulates massage of the Huanzhong and Hangqiang acupuncture points.
Massagestoel infraroodverwarming Infrared heater
Especially in cold weather, the back heating is pleasant and comfortable.
The main function of the heating, however, is to improve circulation in the back, which
promotes the removal of waste.
Massagestoel verlenging voetsteun Extension footrest and calf heating
The calf support length can be adjusted to the height of the user. Can be stretched up to 23 cm. Equipped with calf heating. The calf massage stimulates the acupuncture points Liang Qiu and Du Bi to promote blood circulation in the legs.
Massagestoel thaise voetzool Thai foot sole GUA SHA Massage
Unique foot massage with rollers. This simulates an intensive foot massage like a
professional foot massager gives.
Massage focus on Yongquan Pointon sole. The massage is intensive but pleasant and
above all surprising.
Massagestoel voet kuit airbags Foot & calf airbags
With a total of 38 airbags, the feet, ankles and calves are completely enclosed and
massaged by pressure massage. The massage reaches the Sanli, Taixi, and Kunlun battery point points.
massagestoel triggerpoints Trigger points
The massage of the back is aimed at relaxing the back muscles, in addition, the massage pressure stimulates the vibrating point on the back.