Massage chair SL-A39

2.995,00 incl. VAT

This massage chair is one of the newest models from Irest. The SL-A39 has a number of updated features, including a low back massage, integrated full-arm arm console and arm massage, and a “Zero Wall” system.
This model is equipped with a magnetic therapy, has 28 airbags, a partial buttock massage and the position of the neck massage is adjustable. The airbags (compression massage) can be turned on or off individually.

Product information

This model from Irest is equipped with six automatic programs (relax / demo, comfort, relax, stiffness, neck & shoulder and lower back) and six massage methods (shiatsu, kneading, knocking, clapping, kneading & knocking and shoulder grip). The massages can be manually adjusted to any desired position and are adjustable at five speeds. There are two pressure massage intensity levels, high and low. In addition, this chair has footpad rollers.
The SL-A39 automatically scans the body height to adjust the massage to the upper body and shoulder position. In addition, the angle of the lying position can be adjusted and both the calf support and the backrest can be lowered and raised.
After each massage, the chair automatically returns to the starting position.
The massage chair is equipped with a separate control panel, has 2 memory positions for personal settings and contains a USB charging connection for telephone or other mobile devices, so you can continue to use it during the massage.
Finally, this chair has a back heating to support the massage. The heat provides extra relaxation of the muscles and a stimulation of the blood flow.

Massage features

  • Neck & shoulder massage
  • Back & hip massage
  • Calf & foot massage
  • Arm massage
  • Buttock massage
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Footpad rollers
  • 28 Airbags
  • 6 Automatic programs
  • Back heating
  • Automatic scan of the body height, so that the neck massage is always given in the correct position.
  • Provided with five different massage methods: shiatsu, kneading, clapping, beating and simultaneously kneading and clapping
  • Massage can be manually set to any desired massage form
  • The angle of the lying position can be adjusted, the calf support and backrest can be raised and lowered
  • Equipped with separate control panel
  • 2 Memory positions for personal settings
  • Massage duration is 20 minutes
  • USB charging connection for telephone

Automatic Massage Programs

  • Relax / Demo: emphasis on total relaxation
  • Comfort: emphasis on muscle massage
  • Relax: emphasis on blood circulation
  • Stiffness: intensive massage with emphasis on reducing muscle tension
  • Neck and shoulder massage
  • Lower back massage
  • Shoulder grip
  • Kneading
  • To knock
  • Knead and beat simultaneously


  • 4 for upper arm massage
  • 8 for arm massage
  • 8 for leg massage
  • 8 for foot massage

Other settings

  • 5 speeds
  • 5 width settings massage hands (only for tapping and shiatsu)
  • Automatic adjustment of the leg length. The foot console can extend 15 cm
Technical specifications
Power supply 220-240V
Power 150 watts
Seating position (L x W x H) 125 x 76 x 115 cm
Size lying position (L x W x H) 185 x 76 x 90 cm
Weight 97 kg
Color Black and champagne Gold (beige)