Foot massage device SL-C07

129,00 incl. VAT

Try one of the best foot massagers in the Netherlands and experience how your feet and calves feel relaxed after just 10 minutes of massage.
The adjustable vibration level helps the device to stimulate blood flow to the feet and calves, which improves blood flow and results in a lighter feeling in your feet. The vibration is sufficiently intense to help the calves relax too.

Product information

This foot massage device ensures relaxed feet and calves.
The vibration in combination with the specially shaped surface, provides a reflex zone massage on the acupressure points. Acupressure point massage is an ancient oriental massage technique that supports many body functions through the touch and massage of the acupressure points in the foot. Eastern science has established that the acupressure points in the feet are linked to many bodily functions. Massage it can positively affect many functions.
The vibrations ensure relaxation of the feet and calves. Users actually experience more vitality in the feet and lower legs. It also stimulates the blood vessels and ensures a good blood flow.
The infrared lamps provide a deep warmth of the feet, which improves blood flow and
removes waste products. In addition, the infrared lamps also provide pleasantly heated feet
in colder days.

About the foot massager

  • The vibration level is adjustable (14 positions)
  • The auto mode provides a pleasant, variable vibration level
  • Auto stop after 10, 20 or 30 minutes
  • Equipped with 2 infrared heat lamps for deep heat under the feet
Technical specifications
Power supply AC220-240V
Power 65 W
Battery CR2025
Remote control