Our mission

Relax Lounge’s mission is to create a unique place in the city where people can relax. Where you can enjoy for a good price. 

If you have little time in between work or if you have more free time, we don’t mind. In today’s society, many people experience that it is a challenge to really relax, unwind or free up the mind completely. This leads to stress in today’s lives, in which we always seem to be “on.” Relax Lounge wants to contribute to less stress and good health for everyone. With us no hassle with agreements or high prices. You can always come to us for a good price. 7 days a week. If you want your own 3D Relax capsule at home, feel free to ask about the possibilities.

Due to the Corona measures, we are closed until February 9. If you want to order products, you can always visit our webshop. If you want to test a massage chair, send an email to info@massagestoelen.amsterdam to make an appointment.