Looking for the best massage chair in Amsterdam? Come to The Relax Lounge! Our massage chair not only provides a wonderful massage, but also comes with the option of a virtual experience. This and more ensures that the Relax Lounge massage chair provides the best experience!

Relax massage chair

Getting a massage from our massage chair has both mental and physical benefits. For example, it is proven that a massage stimulates blood circulation and can activate your metabolism. The best massage chair also has an effect on stress reduction and muscle relaxation. Furthermore, it reduces shoulder and back pain and has a positive effect on the psyché. Our massage chair is also known for its pressure reducing properties on the vertebrae. There are many physical and mental benefits, but our virtual experience ensures you can truly relax and clear your head, while enjoying beautiful beaches and landscapes.

Best massage chair in Amsterdam

Relax Lounge has the best massage chair in Amsterdam. By combining our massage chair with 3D capsules we are able to offer a full relaxation experience. Enjoy beautiful beaches, high mountains or spiritual sceneries while receiving a massage from the best massage chair in Amsterdam!

Massage chair Amsterdam

Looking for the best massage chair in Amsterdam? Then come by and treat yourself to a full relaxation experience. Escape from hectic pace of everyday. At Relax Lounge you can easily drop by without making an appointment. In case you prefer to make an appointment, you can click here and make an online reservation. You can also mail to info@relaxlounge.nl. We ensure that you receive a prompt response from us.

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