When you come to us and agree on how long you will relax, you will be guided to a 3D massage chair of your choice. Relax Lounge has several specially selected massage chairs of particularly high quality, with many different massage programs. For example, you can opt for a relaxed comfort massage or a firm sports massage. You can use a Virtual Relax Headset with which you can select a desired virtual environment, such as tropical beaches or beautiful nature. The Relax Lounge employee sets the 3D Massage chair and the wonderful massage can begin.

When the Relax session has ended, press a bell and the Relax Lounge employee will help you out of the 3D Massage chair. You will receive a glass of water from us for optimal promotion of the removal of the released waste. Enjoy this ultimate relaxation experience for a while. You can walk in every day to relax. Lockers are available to store your valuables and if you have to wait a while, we will provide a fresh cup of coffee or tea that you can enjoy in our waiting massage chairs for a nice pre-massage. You will feel reborn when you leave Relax Lounge and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Are you curious about our prices?

Relax Lounge is open every day. Massages from €9.95!