If you come to us and agree on how long you will relax, you will be guided to the 3D Relax Capsule. You will receive a Sound headset or for a small extra charge, a Virtual Relax glasses with a brief explanation of how they work. You can select a desired virtual environment, such as tropical beaches or beautiful nature of your choice. The Relax Lounge employee sets the 3D Relax Capsule and the relaxation can begin.

When the Relax session has ended, press a bell and you will receive a glass of water. You can walk in with us any time of the day between 10:00 and 22:00 hrs to relax. Lockers are available to store your valuables and if you have to wait a while we will provide you with a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Are you curious about our prices?

Come and relax in our Lounge! We are open every weekday from 10 am to 10 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 6 pm.